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Why are Google search page position results important to you?

When you perform a Google search, do you click on any 1st page links? And, how often do you find yourself going to the 2nd page, or the next page after that in search of a link which contains the related content you were searching for? I'm quite positive your clicking habits will be very similar to these statistics:

To understand this more clearly, if your competitor shows up on the 1st page and your business shows up on the 4th page, for every 100 website visits they receive you'll only receive 19. Ouch! That kinda hurts, doesn't it? To understand this even further, imagine your yellow page ad was missing from 81% of telephone books when someone was searching under your category!

For the
success and growth of your business this truly calls loudly for your attention. The good news is, there are solutions to improving your page position. SEO or search engine optimization is just one of the many methods of achieving business success.

Contact doublePLUS marketing and request the Advanced Internet Marketing Systems (AIMS). With our system and intelligent SEO, your website will rise to the front page positions resulting in increased exposure to new qualified prospects.
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